The Windows

The heat transmission of old windows with single-pane glazing is very high. The heat transfer coefficients required by the German Energy Saving Ordinance can only be achieved with multiple-pane insulating glazing.

The Uw value (heat transfer coefficient) of single-pane glazing is Uw=5 W/m2K, for high thermal insulation glazing Uw=0.8W/m2K. The heat loss of single-pane glazing is about six times greater. Also by replacing older multiple glazing, heat losses can be reduced by approx. heat losses can be reduced by about three times. For windows, the GEG specifies the heat transfer coefficient (Uw=1.3 W/m2K) as the minimum requirement. 

Thermographic Images

Thermographic images can show the heat losses of windows well.

Windows in good condition should be maintained for economic and ecological reasons.

The existing single glazing can be replaced by multiple glazing if necessary.

Damage to Window Sills

Window sills can also be the cause of damage to windows. 

Moisture penetrates through cracks into the lower parts of the frame and leads to rotting if the moisture continues to penetrate.

Damaged window sills must be replaced by new ones.

Temporary Heat & Light Protection

Folding or roller shutters, blinds, and awnings can provide heat and light protection for windows.

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