Water and Rainwater Utilization, Rainwater Infiltration

Separate distributors for hot and cold water supply and measured value displays are installed on the individual living and working floors. The residents can thus control their individual consumption.

Rainwater Utilization

The toilet flushing is achieved with rainwater.

Pipes lead the rainwater from the roof into a renovated septic tank.

A pressure water pump in the pipe system between the rainwater collection pit and the toilet flushing cisterns refills the toilet flushing cisterns as required.

This saves 50% of freshwater and relieves the sewers and sewage treatment plants.

A further discharge of the sewers and the sewage treatment plants is achieved by the application of rain protection honeycombs in the outside area of the building.

Rainwater seeps through the appropriately selected subsoil into the ground and a green lawn frames the building.

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