No Life without Energy

Energetic Renovation of Buildings

We must learn to use energy more sparingly because the earth's resources of gas, oil, and coal are limited. In the medium term, we should completely abandon the use of fossil fuels.

The energetic renovation of buildings contributes significantly to energy saving efforts. 

Solutions and Practices

Using the example of the renovation of an older building, we demonstrate professional solutions and procedures.

By law, minimum requirements are set for thermal insulation in buildings. The new Energy Saving Act (GEG 2021) is based on the EU's 2010 Buildings Directive and is the successor to the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) of 1916, providing guidelines for compliance with the energy performance of buildings. According to the GEG, inadequately insulated structures in existing buildings must be additionally insulated using suitable building materials.

Energy Conscious Living 

The video below discusses the close interrelationship of people to their built environment. The buildings and urban structures that have been created in different eras are considered cultural assets worth preserving. We should preserve them and at the same time make them more energy efficient.

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