Roof Renovation

We illustrate the renovation of the roof including chimney and rain gutters.

Renovation Procedure

The external plastering is directly connected to the roof area in the area of the gable and the eaves. It is therefore advisable to first finish the chimney head, the roof covering, the cornices, the verge, and the roof drainage systems.

The sheet metal roof covering is first removed and a heat-insulating pitched roof panel consisting of wood fibers is installed. It also serves as the formwork for a thermal insulation layer, which is placed between the rafters.

Nailed on roof battens are the holding frame for the roof tiles. Special tiles offer the possibility to connect the solar collectors directly to the roof construction.

A plastic casing replaces the rotten casing on the verge and eaves of the building.

The part of the chimney above the roof was renovated and covered with slate.

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