Renovation of the Plaster Façade

The façade is first cleaned of loose particles and airborne substances, and all edges of the building are given plaster rails.

Mitered base rails on the edges of the building, adjusted and dowelled, form a good finish to the exterior plaster in the base area. The plaster rails protect the plaster edges from damage and also help to apply the plaster evenly and evenly. Special profiles protect the building edges, door, and window borders.

A salt storage plaster is applied to the cleaned facade surface, which neutralizes the salts present in the outer facade layer.

After sufficient setting time of the salt storage plaster, a 10 cm thick heat insulation plaster is applied in two layers. Due to the high proportion of air bubbles, it has good thermal insulation properties.

An additionally applied surface plaster, a scratch coat, protects the heat insulation plaster from damage and moisture.

The coating protects the plaster facade from moisture and provides the desired decorative surface.

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