Renovation of the Outer Shell

This video shows all steps of the renovation of the outer shell of the building.

Sealing & Thermal Insulation of the 
Basement Masonry

Clay components and plants have penetrated deep into the masonry; these components and loose grout must be chiseled out, sprayed with a powerful water jet, and removed with a broom.

The leveling of larger depressions in the masonry and an additional layer of plaster from a barrier mortar provide a level foundation for further work.

Various work steps in the area of the groove of the foundation base seal the joint between the foundation and the rising masonry.

The applied thick coating prevents moisture from entering the building.

Thermal insulation considerably reduces the heat loss of the building.

Moisture protection membranes protect the thermal insulation from moisture in the area of the ground.

The water flows downwards through a drainage layer on the outside of these membranes and is drained off through drainage pipes.

Renovation of the Natural Stone Masonry

Cracks and broken out joint mortar in all areas of the quarry stone masonry indicate that loose joint mortar must be chipped out.

The surfaces are cleaned of efflorescence and loose components by means of high water pressure or by mist blasting using quartz sand.

The masonry is grouted with a special mortar.

After a set time of four weeks, the natural stone masonry is sealed, and an inspection of the water penetration volume provides information about its quality.

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