Inventory & Evaluation of the Interior

The still image of the video shows that water has penetrated the basement. The interior plaster of the walls has detached from the masonry, efflorescence and salinization cause the mortar structure of the interior plaster to dissolve.


Rust on metal parts, rot on wooden windows and doors, mold, and spores in the cellar and first-floor area are the result of moisture penetrating from the outside. 

The high humidity in the basement penetrates all surrounding walls and ceilings and thus also reaches the living rooms on the first floor.  

Wooden Stairs & Floors

Basement and first-floor stairs are made of wood and have direct contact with the humid air of the basement. 

All structural parts of the stairs, as well as the wooden interior doors and floorboards on all floors, are so weakened by woodworm infestation that they have to be replaced.