Installation of the Windows

In this video, the renewal of windows is shown including the consideration of monument preservation aspects.

Renewal of the Windows

The existing window frames are rotten and the thermal insulation is insufficient.

For architectural reasons, the new windows, made of German pine, should correspond to the structure of the old windows, and the thermal insulation should be increased many times over.    

Special properties of the new glazing allow us to use solar energy. During the heating period, more solar energy enters the building through the windows than thermal energy from the inside to the outside flows through the windows.     

The double glazing increases the thermal insulation three to four times. The triple glazing installed on the north side even increases the thermal insulation by 12 times compared to the old window glazing.  

The durability of windows depends on the quality of the installation. There must be no condensation water between the window frame and the masonry, which could lead to permanent moisture penetration of the wood and rotting. 

The reveal of the masonry is first plastered to obtain a smooth surface.

Sealing tapes glued to the window frame provide permanent protection against moisture from the outside and inside, which leads to rotting of the window frame.

Temperature and humidity sensors between the window frame and the masonry reveal building physics information regarding the chosen method of installation with sealing tapes or PU-foaming. 

After appropriate adjustment of the window frame, the window is anchored by dowels to the masonry reveal.

The sealing tapes also provide effective thermal insulation and fit completely into the window frame and masonry reveal.

The silicone seal forms the closure and additionally prevents the penetration of water vapor.

The selected wood has good thermal insulation and ecological properties, is easy to process and, as a natural building material, offers particular aesthetic and architectural advantages.

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